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Teaching Philosophy 

As an educator, I use clarinet teaching not only as a tool for musical and artistic development, but also a means to unlock human potential. In order to achieve these goals, I apply myself to discovering what makes every individual unique, with regards to their musical background and cultural upbringing for example – then help them connect these qualities with the way they express themselves creatively. Therefore, I believe a program of studies should be approached on an individual basis.  Each student’s background is key to leveraging personal growth as well as development in their own field. In my view, a unique approach to each student is crucial to promote a safe space, in order that everyone feels included and appreciated for not just their accomplishments but for who they are as human beings. Whenever possible, I make it a priority to recruit a cultural diverse student body, as I regard it as the perfect opportunity for all to learn together from and with each other. 

While emphasizing fluency in the Classical and Romantic repertoire and band/orchestral excerpts, I also introduce and develop approaches to New Music and South American music styles, the Brazilian “choros” being an example. Additionally, I encourage and teach Historical Music performance through the use of period instruments, which helps build a foundation of phrasing and articulation up to and including the contemporary repertoire.

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